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Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Build your offshore administration staff with Cloud Employee, fast and risk-free. Custom recruitment, direct management, and full client support provided.


For small businesses, startups, and even freelancers, working with limited crucial resources such as time and money is a fact of life. When the goal is to save time, energy, and costs, leveraging modern technology is a common, standard practice. Since almost everything is done online these days, hiring the services of an offshore virtual assistant is a go-to option for many small companies and independent contractors.

Cloud Employee connects you to professional and experienced virtual assistants in the Philippines. If you’re having a hard time hiring locally for virtual assistants that fit your requirements and budget, then consider hiring an offshore virtual assistant who can deliver as well at significantly lower costs.

Talk to us about your Virtual Assistant requirements - detailing particular skill set, years of and industry experience, and so on. We do a local search for highly skilled virtual assistants and get back to you with a list of candidate CVs to choose from. You interview your chosen candidates and should you require technical testing we can set it up as well. Our custom-recruitment process ensures that you hire your virtual assistant with the right skills that fit your requirements.

The dedicated virtual assistant you hire with Cloud Employee works exclusively for you, reporting to you directly from our Philippine-based offices. They work the same office hours as you do, according to your methods and processes. Cloud Employee equips them with the necessary hardware, software, internet connection, and IT support to get their work done.

Workspace, licensing, permits, payroll, taxes, insurances, HR and general admin are all taken care of, leaving you in peace to manage your offshore virtual assistant and run your business, hassle-free.

For essential admin tasks such as screening your email and handling your correspondences, scheduling and confirming appointments, booking travel arrangements, performing miscellaneous research, invoicing clients, preparing reports, and basically managing projects in your behalf, having a virtual assistant is incredibly handy. He/she can reduce your workload, help organize tasks, and free up precious time for yourself. A dedicated virtual assistant with Cloud Employee can help you with these and more.

Why Hire Offshore Virtual Assistants with Cloud Employee

  • Access to professional virtual assistants in the Philippines
  • End-to-end Client Control from custom-recruitment to direct management
  • 100% Dedicated Admin Staff working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more

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