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Andrey K.

Junior PhoneGap Developer
3 years of experience

A Web Developer with more than a years of working experience on PHP. Back End Developer with experience on PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), JavaScript (. . .

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View John's CV

John J.

Senior PhoneGap Developer
11 years of experience

7 years development experience focusing on PHP Experienced Full Stack Developer working on both Front End and Back End Experienced on using Wordpr. . .

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View Joan's CV

Joan L.

PhoneGap Developer
10 years of experience

More than 5 years of Web Development experience focusing on PHP Has 3 years of experience on Wordpress Has 1 year of experience on Shopify and Mag. . .

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View Luigi's CV

Luigi A.

Mid-level PhoneGap Developer
5 years of experience

She has a years of total working experience and 5 years as PHP Developer. She is currently using PHP5 and Laravel framework in a web based application. . .

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View Joan's CV

Joan L.

PhoneGap Developer
10 years of experience

More than 5 years of Web Development experience focusing on PHP Has 3 years of experience on Wordpress Has 1 year of experience on Shopify and Mag. . .

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How to Hire the Best PhoneGap Developers

Before you hire PhoneGap developers, it is crucial for employers or recruiters to know more about the kind of developer that you are looking for. This comprehensive article for hiring PhoneGap developers will answer questions that you might have in order to hire the best PhoneGap developers.


But first, let’s define PhoneGap. A popular open source framework for building mobile applications, PhoneGap uses web technology to write applications in order to remove the difficulties of creating apps in multiple languages (such as Java and Objective-C). As such, PhoneGap allows developers to build cross-platform apps using popular web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


What sets PhoneGap apart from the rest is its robust tools which include:

  • PhoneGap Desktop app
  • PhoneGap Developer app
  • PhoneGap Build
  • PhoneGap’s command line interface


Now, when you look up the term ‘PhoneGap’ on search engines, the results would mostly show ‘Apache Cordova’. Because of its close relationship, it is often mistaken as one and the same, and used interchangeably. However, while the two platforms are connected, it is definitely different from each other.


Simply put, PhoneGap is an open source platform while Apache Cordova serves as the engine that powers PhoneGap. In a sense, it is just like the browser engine WebKit which powers search engines such as Safari.


Knowing this difference can also save you from confusion when hiring PhoneGap developers.

Why should you hire a PhoneGap developer?

When you hire PhoneGap developers, your business can create a wide range of mobile applications depending on your business needs. Hiring a PhoneGap developer will help your business reap the following benefits:

Rapid Development

Its rapid technology makes PhoneGap the best tool to transfer web development skills to mobile app creation. By leveraging popular web technologies, PhoneGap developers can easily and quickly produce new app features or versions. In turn, this allows businesses to satisfy the needs of their customers.


Cross-platform Functionality

Using only a single code base, PhoneGap developers can create applications that can run on multiple platforms. Being able to showcase your mobile app on different platforms will allow your business to reach greater potential customers.


Native APIs

PhoneGap allows developers access to all native device APIs such as GPS, accelerometer, and camera, among others. With this, even if you’re using web technologies to build your mobile app, your app will still behave as if it were a native app.


Open Source

PhoneGap’s free and open source technology allows developers and businesses to conveniently create mobile applications. The platform also boasts great community support which means there are more developers who can help provide you assistance or guidance and keep the platform robust and updated.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring PhoneGap developers?

When hiring PhoneGap developers, one must properly evaluate a candidate’s expertise and experience to ensure that you will be working with a PhoneGap developer who fits your mobile app needs. Aside from finishing a degree in Computer Science, IT, or other related tech degrees, here are must-have PhoneGap developer skills that you should look for:

Strong understanding and experience of Javascript OOP

This is one of the most important skills to look for when hiring PhoneGap developers as PhoneGap apps will involve a lot of JavaScript. Some of the must-have JavaScript OOP skills include knowledge in the following:


This is a sample code on how to define a class:

var ProductEditor = function(productId) {
       this.productId = productId;
   ProductEditor.prototype.save = function(callback) {
       //todo: save the form


For example:

if(window.demo == undefined) {
       demo = { };
   if(demo.services == undefined) {
       demo.services = { };
   //define a class under the namespace
   demo.services.ProductService = function () {
   demo.services.ProductService.prototype.getProductById = function(id) {
       //todo: return product
   //to use the service
   var service = new demo.services.ProductService();
   var product = service.getProductById(1);


Class inheritance

For example:

demo.services.EmailServiceProvider = function() {
       this.host = "smtp.gmail.com";
       this.port = 587;
   demo.services.EmailServiceProvider.prototype.sendEmail = function(subject, body, to, cc) {
   //define another that inherits the above provider
   demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider = function() {
   demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider.prototype = new demo.services.EmailServiceProvider();
   demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider.constructor = demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider;
   //override the parent method
   demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider.prototype.sendEmail = function(body) {
       demo.services.EmailServiceProvider.prototype.sendEmail.call(this, "contact us", body, "cail@shinetechchina.com");
   //define new method
   demo.services.ContactUsEmailServiceProvider.prototype.saveToDB = function(body) {

Skilled in other programming languages

Other programming languages and technologies that a PhoneGap developer should know are HTML5, and CSS. In addition, they must also be adept in desktop and mobile app development.


Capable in touch event handling

Even though third-party libraries (e.g. as jQuery mobile, Sencha Touch, KendoUI, and Nova PhoneGap framework) can already handle touch events, PhoneGap developers must know these three important touch events: touchstart, touchmove, and touchend.


Knowledgeable in PhoneGap API

Skilled PhoneGap developers must be able to know which features can and can not be supported by PhoneGap, what its free plugins are, and which projects are suitable for the platform. In addition, they must also keep up with the latest API updates.


Take note that these technical skills are the basic skills that eery PhoneGap developer must possess. Your technical requirements may still vary depending on your specific project needs.

How much is the usual rate for PhoneGap Developers?

How much would it cost to hire PhoneGap developers? In this quick table, we compare different rates from these countries: the UK, the US, and Canada. Rates are based on figures from ITJobsWatch, ZipRecruiter and Neuvoo.


  Average PhoneGap Developer Annual Salary Average PhoneGap Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 70,000 GBP 20
United States USD 106,276 USD 51
Canada CAD 90,000 CAD 46.15


Due to the costs of hiring mobile app developers, businesses prefer to hire PhoneGap developers offshore instead. By hiring mobile app developers offshore, businesses find it easier to hire tech talents, cut on costs, and expand their products or services. However, as with any partnership, finding the ideal outsourcing partner is important for a successful IT outsourcing experience.


To help firms hire skilled developers, Cloud Employee, a UK-managed IT outsourcing provider, offers companies a no risk, convenient, and affordable outsourcing experience. With us, hiring offshore PhoneGap developers is easier and more accessible through our cost-effective offshore rates.


If you want to know more about how much it would cost to hire offshore, here’s an insightful guide about offshore developer rates from popular outsourcing locations.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best PhoneGap developers?

The next step to hiring PhoneGap developers is to properly evaluate their technical capabilities. To effectively hire the best PhoneGap developers among the rest, here are two interview techniques that you can try.


Ask candidates to explain a recent project they finished

Have PhoneGap candidates to describe or illustrate how they did their most recent application or project. By doing this, recruiters can determine these two things:

First, recruiters will be able to know a candidate’s level of knowledge and experience by how he or she will discuss the project. Can the PhoneGap developer discuss the project in details? Does he or she know the processes or different stages during the application’s development? This will also give you an insight into how involved a candidate was in this project.


And second, recruiters will be able to check if a PhoneGap developer has good communication skills. As with any developer, communication skills are important especially when working with a team. Check whether the candidate is able to clearly explain technical ideas as if a non-IT person would understand it. Communication skills should also be highlighted especially if you are looking to hire senior PhoneGap developers who will be leading a team.


Conduct technical exams

Surprisingly, not a lot of companies run technical tests when hiring PhoneGap developers. Without technical exams, companies can not thoroughly evaluate a candidate’s capabilities.


Companies may opt to use online coding tests for free or for a price or even create their own technical tests aligned with their tech requirements. When you want to hire the best PhoneGap developers, look for someone who is not only adept in PhoneGap development but also one who has strong critical thinking skills.


If conducting a test isn’t possible, require candidates to write 2-3 sample codes (consists of 5-10 lines of code) instead. This would already be ideal in providing insight into a PhoneGap developer’s expertise in the platform as well as their thinking abilities.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

At Cloud Employee, we connect global startups and tech firms to thousands of dedicated offshore developers. As a UK-managed IT outsourcing company, we help you find and hire offshore PhoneGap developers without the risks of traditional outsourcing.


To start hiring PhoneGap developers, simply send us your job specifications such as years of experience and skills needed. After our expert recruiters look for PhoneGap developers who meet your criteria, we give you a shortlist of promising CVs. From this list, you select who proceeds to the interviews and technical tests. No commitment will be made until you are fully satisfied with your offshore PhoneGap developer.


Once onboard, your offshore PhoneGap developer works directly with you and under your own terms and hours. This process makes your offshore developer an effective extension of your in-house team.


Meanwhile, Cloud Employee continues to support your offshore PhoneGap developer by providing them with clean workspaces and modern facilities, and full IT support. We also take care of payroll, insurance, HR tasks, and other back-office support so you can focus on managing and growing your business.


A competent PhoneGap developer can build a variety of mobile apps such as cross-platform apps, social chat apps, and gaming apps. With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore PhoneGap developers possessing a broad range of skill sets including Android development, iOS development, Windows phone development, Titanium, Apache Cordova, Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

A popular outsourcing model, the dedicated hiring model differs from other outsourcing models as it allows companies to have full control over all aspects, from hiring process to team management. Due to its flexibility, the model helps minimise miscommunication and other remote work issues that are commonly experienced in offshore hiring.


Its practicality and flexibility make it an ideal outsourcing model especially for businesses that prefer direct communication and collaboration with an offshore developer or team. Aside from this, one of its main benefits is its ability to conveniently help in-house teams to add or reduce offshore team members at any time during the project’s development according to their project needs.



  • Suitable for short-term projects with defined requirements
  • Ideal for long-term projects with no clear length and information
  • Costs can still be estimated even without clear details
  • Ideal for businesses that would like to work with their offshore developer or team without a middleman.
  • A transparent method of keeping track of the project and the developer’s progress as well as the mobile app’s quality
  • The offshore PhoneGap developer or team effectively becomes an extension of your in-house team as they will also learn and adopt your company or team’s vision and work standards.
  • The offshore PhoneGap developer or development team solely works for you and your company.


The model is highly ideal for teams or businesses that:

  • Opt to directly communicate with their offshore PhoneGap developer
  • Would like to have an affordable alternative for hiring developers
  • Prefer to hire more developers at any point during the project


Integrating the dedicated hiring model’s structure and Cloud Employee’s nearly 20 years of industry knowledge in IT outsourcing, our dedicated team offers startups and large firms around the world with an effective, low-risk, and affordable solution to hiring developers.


Our unique dedicated developer model has been modified to adapt to the businesses’ needs. Our team has efficiently minimised the long and tedious recruitment process, allowed productive working practices, and bridged the tech talent gap—all for a cost-effective industry rate. Indeed, Cloud Employee takes pride in the fact that our business model can help answer plenty of businesses’ tech hiring needs.




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