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Mercarto - Cloud Employee Review

See Mercarto's review of their experience in building their team of developers offshore with Cloud Employee.



Company: Mercarto 
Bio: Mercarto is a revolutionary e-commerce platform, which aids budding entrepreneurs in setting up their new business.
Location: Manchester UK
Cloud Employee team: 5+
Joined Cloud Employee: October 2018 


Fullstack  Developer - Reden Sanchez 
NodeJs Developer - Ahries Panopio 
FrontEnd  Developer - Emmanuel Aguirre

Here at Cloud Employee, we address the tech talent gap by connecting startups and businesses around the world to expert offshore software developers and IT talent. We offer a fast and efficient recruitment process to help our clients quickly find their much-needed IT pros. On top of all this, we provide clean and modern workspaces for our offshore staff and we build good partnerships with our clients.   

Through these services, Cloud Employee has helped over a hundred startups and SMEs find the developers they need to grow their business. Among them is Mercarto, led by CEO Sean Brown.

After visiting his offshore team, here’s what Sean has to share about his experience:

“I feel like the talent that we’ve got with Cloud Employee actually outshines our CTO and our tech lead over in the UK because they’re so good.

Using the team out here has allowed us to go after more business. It’s helped us produce more product and services to allow us to earn more revenue.”

- Sean Brown, CEO, Mercarto

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