Different Ways to Say Merry Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us. In the spirit of holiday cheer we combed the web for different ways of saying Merry Christmas!

Say it in 26 languages from around the world.



Want more? Say it in 46.


How about in 57 sign languages?


What if you could say it better in dance?


Or as ASCII art.

From AsciiWorld


Or do it as a developer would: Christmas custom message in Python

Christmas custom message in Python by Cássio Botaro


And who could forget those precious GIFs?

 cat struts in santa suitcat swatting in santa hat


However you want to say it ---

Merry Christmas from Macaulay Culkin


Here at Cloud Employee we’re wishing everyone the best this holiday season. Merry holidays!

 Cloud Employee Merry Christmas greeting gif


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