6 Apps That’ll Help You Get to Work

Ever heard of the saying, “If you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere”? The traffic in Manila is infamously known as the “worst traffic in the world” as told by a survey taken by Waze; us Filipinos sit in the worst traffic everyday. So, to make your commute life a little easier, we’ve rounded up six apps you can download now to help you get to work on time.


Apps that help you get to work: Sakay.ph


Sakay.ph is a web service and app exclusive to Metro Manila that help commuters ride the right jeepney, buses and trains. Similar to Google Maps, the app provides alternative routes and commute options to get to your destination, along with ETA and fare price. Run using data provided by the DOTC, LTFRB, MMDA and other agencies, the web service allows you to print out the routes if your phone doesn’t have data.


Apps that help you get to work: Wunder


Currently available in three countries: India, Malaysia and the Philippines, Wunder is a carpool platform app available locally in Manila and Cebu. Unlike other car-hailing apps, this app encourages commuting drivers to share their empty seats with other commuting riders heading in the same direction, thus splitting the cost of gas. It is also praised for being a great solution to lessening the traffic within the city.


Apps that help you get to work: Uber


Best used for commuters with credit cards, Uber is an app that connects riders with the nearest drivers using a GPS system. Available in over 500 cities in more than 60 countries internationally, its services in Manila include uberX, uberBlack, uberPool and uberCommute. While uberX and uberBlack are for booking a private car, uberPool and uberCommute allows you to split the costs with fellow riders.


Apps that help you get to work: MMDA


Coming from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) themselves is the Philippines’ first government provided app: the MMDA app. Utilizing their own database of CCTVs, reports and MMDA app user inputs, the app provides real-time traffic information in System, Map and Line View for commuters. Other features include MMDA Directory and MMDA FAQ section.


Apps that help you get to work: Grab


Formerly known as GrabTaxi, Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform that allows you to book a car instantly. Optimal for commuters who prefer to pay in cash, the app includes a wide range of services: GrabCar, GrabCar (6 Seater), GrabCar+ (Premium), GrabTaxi, GrabRent, GrabExpress and GrabExpress (Lite). While the first five are for booking a car, the latter two are for quick deliveries.


Apps that help you get to work: Angkas


Angkas works just like Grab and Uber, except instead of booking a car or cab you book a motorcycle. Run by a GPS system that will match you to the nearest professional biker, the fare is determined upfront so all you need to do is pay your biker at drop off.  Currently only available in the Philippines,  it is great for commuting shorter distances; the ride includes helmets, masks, caps and raincoats for your safety.



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